Ferial-Art has been sparking the public’s interest in the arts for fifteen years now, operating under various names.

Keeping that same vision in mind, it now is time for the next big step: opening a permanent gallery.

Ferial-Art Gallery

Ferial Art Gallery showcases the works of a select group of mature contemporary artists.

Featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations and animations, the work of the experienced yet modern group of four covers just about every art form.

Ferial-Art Gallery will annually organise at least one solo exhibition for each one of the artists, as well as two collective exhibitions.

Other than that, Ferial-Art will naturally stick to their main goal of introducing art to the public, by organising several permanent exhibitions.

The intimate gallery is located on Volmarijnstraat 48B in Rotterdam, a remarkable little street in the district of Delfshaven, undoubtedly the perfect setting for the gallery.

The gallery and its number of featured artists may be small; the work sure is great.

Vision & Mission

The unusual group of artists representing the gallery as well as the choice of target audience truly set Ferial-Art apart.

Whereas most galleries and museums tend to focus on the young and upcoming, as well as established and marketable artists, Ferial Art displays the works of four more mature artists, who – despite the great quality of their artwork – still struggle to make a name for themselves.

Ferial Art hopes to move its audience by showcasing and selling these particular works.

Ferial-Art Gallery does not consider the showcased art an investment for the future, but rather a means to address people on an emotional level, welcoming anyone with an open mind.

The artists

The select group of artists featured by Ferial-Art Gallery consists of four contributors, carefully balancing male and female artists.

All four of them have been creating idiosyncratic art for years. Despite the consistent quality of their art, the makers are by no means stuck in their ways: they enthusiastically carry on experimenting and growing.

A list of artists represented by the gallery:

  • Mechelin van der Heijden
  • E. Pietersen
  • F. Kheradpicheh
  • Jan van Wensveen